Ripper Tooths Available to Hire

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Ripper Tooths

Ripper Tooths also known as Ripper Hooks are the perfect tool for heavy duty work on demolition, quarry and excavation sites. Used for pre excavation work Ripper Tooths are designed to break up solid hard surfaces such as tarmac, concrete and making it easier to remove later on.

Reducing the strain on buckets, Ripper Tooths easily break up hard solid ground and materials making it easier for you buckets to excavate the ground, maximising your efficiency and maintaining your excavator buckets long term use.

As well as breaking up hard ground the Ripper tooth is perfect for demolition break down and makes the removal of tree stumps a breeze, allowing you to easily break up the roots before removing the entire stump. 

Suitable for a wide range of machines

Suitable For :

8 Ton, 15 Ton, 22 Ton, 36 Ton and 49 Ton Machines

All of our attachments are made by our sister company, Masterhitch.