Compare Bucket Sizes and Digging Depth of our Machinery using our Digger Hire Charts & Graphs

Make smart choices for your digger hire needs with the help of our user-friendly digger hire charts and graphs. Our intuitive visual aids allow you to effortlessly compare bucket sizes and digging depths of our machinery, enabling you to select the perfect equipment for your project. By utilising these powerful tools, you can ensure efficient and effective operations, saving valuable time and resources. Don’t leave your decision-making to chance; rely on our charts and graphs to make informed choices and achieve exceptional results.

Discover the advantages of visual comparison and unlock the potential of our plant hire machinery today.

Digging Depth Chart

Digging Depth Chart by H. E. Services - How deep can my digger dig down

Bucket Size Chart

Which bucket do I need for my machine? Plant Hire Bucket Size Chart

Excavator Ground Reach Chart

Excavator Ground Reach Chart

It is important to understand bucket sizes and digging depth. The bucket size determines the amount of material the digger can handle in one scoop, directly impacting productivity and efficiency. On the other hand, digging depth determines the maximum depth the digger can reach, ensuring it can effectively tackle excavation tasks. By considering the appropriate bucket size and digging depth for your project, you can optimise performance and minimise downtime. Make informed decisions and choose the right digger with the optimal bucket size and digging depth to maximise your productivity and achieve outstanding results.

All of our buckets and attachments are manufactured by our sister company, Masterhitch.