36 Tonne Excavator Hire

Looking to hire a 36 Tonne Excavator?

ModelPC 360LC-11
Weight36,360 KG
Height3.16 M
Width3.39 M
Length (Transportation Position)11.14 M
Max Dig Depth7.38 M
Max Dig Height10.21 M
Max Reach (Ground Level)10.92 M
Max Dump Height7.11 M
Fuel Tank Capacity605 LTS
Track Width800mm
Notifiable load of Transport:Yes
Dipper Size3.2M

Excavator attachments are available to hire, or purchased directly from Masterhitch Europe Ltd.

The Komatsu PC 360LC-11, a formidable 36 tonne excavator, represents the pinnacle of heavy construction and excavation equipment. When considering the rental of this powerhouse of a machine, numerous impressive features and advantages come to the forefront. At the core of its appeal is its massive digging capacity, thanks to its substantial weight class. With a commanding 36 tonnes at its disposal, it’s perfectly suited to tackle the most demanding excavation, earthmoving, and construction projects. Whether your undertaking involves deep foundation excavation, extensive material handling, or the excavation of vast areas, the PC 360LC-11 excels in delivering exceptional performance with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

The Komatsu PC 360LC-11 is more than just raw power; it incorporates advanced technology and operator-centric design. With features like enhanced fuel efficiency, intuitive controls, and a spacious, comfortable cabin, this excavator ensures that operators can work tirelessly, maximising their productivity and contributing to the seamless execution of your projects.

Whether you require the Komatsu PC 360LC-11 for a short-term or long-term equipment rental, it’s poised to meet your precise needs. Choosing rental over purchasing heavy machinery offers unmatched flexibility, granting you access to top-tier equipment without the enduring ownership costs. Whether your project involves extensive construction, substantial excavation, or major earthmoving tasks, the Komatsu PC 360LC-11 36 tonne excavator emerges as your ultimate partner, enabling you to achieve your objectives with unrivalled efficiency and precision.

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