8 Tonne Excavator Hire

Looking to hire an 8 Tonne Excavator?

ModelPC80 MR-5
Weight8000 KG
Length (Transportation Position)6.060 M
Max Dig Depth4.325 M
Max Dig Height6.560 M
Max Reach (Ground Level)6.945 M
Max Dump Height4.620 M
Fuel Tank Capacity110 LTS
Track Width450mm
Dozer Blade FittedYes
Dipper Size2.0 M

Excavator attachments are available to hire, or purchased directly from Masterhitch Europe Ltd.

The Komatsu PC80 MR-5 is a versatile and robust 8 tonne excavator that’s well-suited for a wide array of construction and excavation projects. When contemplating the rental of a heavy-duty excavator like the PC80 MR-5, several key advantages come to the forefront. Foremost among these is the machine’s substantial digging power. With its 8 tonne weight class, this excavator is engineered to tackle demanding tasks with ease, making it an excellent choice for larger-scale excavation, earthmoving, and construction projects. Whether you need to dig deep foundations, move heavy materials, or undertake extensive land clearing, the PC80 MR-5 excels in delivering high-performance results.

The Komatsu PC80 MR-5 is distinguished by its impressive manoeuvrability, stability, and operator comfort. Despite its substantial power, this excavator is designed to operate effectively in confined workspaces and challenging terrains. Its compact yet rugged design ensures it can navigate tight job sites while maintaining stability and control. Inside the ergonomic cabin, operators will find a comfortable and intuitive control setup, enhancing their efficiency and contributing to the seamless execution of projects.

Furthermore, renting a Komatsu PC80 MR-5 excavator through our services offers the flexibility of choosing between short-term and long-term rental options. This adaptability empowers you to align the equipment rental precisely with your project’s unique requirements. By opting for rental over purchase, you gain access to top-tier machinery without the burdensome long-term financial commitment of ownership. Whether your project entails large-scale construction, excavation, or earthmoving tasks, the Komatsu PC80 MR-5 8 tonne excavator stands ready to be your dependable partner, ensuring you achieve your objectives with precision and efficiency.

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