Plant Transport

Service is the reason for our existence, and to ensure that H.E. SERVICES remains at the forefront of providing the highest quality service to customers, we do not normally entrust the important task of delivery to anyone but our trained and well equipped delivery drivers. By operating a fleet of purpose designed delivery vehicles, H.E. SERVICES maintains control, and can guarantee our customers a delivery service that regularly exceeds their expectations.

Experience over the years has shown that relying on a third party for deliveries, often would not allow us to meet our service promise to our customers.

Vehicles are chosen specifically for their durability and reliability, and bodies are developed with manufacturers to meet the rigorous standards we expect of delivery vehicles.

We operate 8, 12 & 32 tonne beaver tail lorries 25 & 44 tonne Low Loaders from our 12 Depots nationwide.

We are able to extend our Plant Transport services to our customers.

If you need one of your own machines moved please call 0208 804 2000

Plant Transport UK