22 Tonne Excavator (Zero Tail Swing) Hire

Looking to hire a 22 Tonne Excavator with Zero Tail Swing?

ModelPC 228USLC-11
Weight23,460 KG
Height3.255 M
Width2.98 M
Length (Transportation Position)8.920 M
Max Dig Depth6.620 M
Max Dig Height10.700 M
Max Reach (Ground Level)9.700 M
Max Dump Height7.825 M
Fuel Tank Capacity290 LTS
Rubber Track Width600MM
Steel Track Width700MM
Dipper Size2.9M

Excavator attachments are available to hire, or purchased directly from Masterhitch Europe Ltd.

The 22 tonne excavator with a zero tail swing design is a remarkable piece of heavy machinery that not only brings substantial power but also offers the invaluable benefits of enhanced manoeuvrability and safety, making it an ideal choice for construction and excavation in confined spaces. When considering the rental of this advanced excavator, a range of standout features and advantages come into play.

The most notable benefit of the zero tail swing design is its ability to operate seamlessly in tight work environments. Traditional excavators with rear-end swing can pose challenges in crowded construction sites, risking damage to nearby structures or obstacles. However, with zero tail swing technology, this excavator’s rear-end rotation is limited to within its tracks, eliminating the risk of collision and ensuring safe operation even in the most confined spaces. This feature makes the 22 tonne zero tail swing excavator an excellent choice for urban construction projects, roadwork, and tasks in cluttered job sites, where space is at a premium.

Beyond its zero tail swing capability, this excavator boasts a substantial digging capacity, thanks to its 22 tonne weight class. It’s engineered to excel in demanding excavation, earthmoving, and construction projects. Whether you need to dig deep foundations, handle extensive materials, or clear sizable areas, the 22 tonne zero tail swing excavator delivers high-performance results with precision and efficiency.

Furthermore, renting a 22 tonne zero tail swing excavator provides flexibility, catering to both short-term and long-term equipment rental needs. This approach allows you to access top-tier machinery without committing to the long-term financial obligations of ownership. Whether your project involves extensive construction, substantial excavation, or major earthmoving tasks, the 22 tonne zero tail swing excavator emerges as your ultimate partner, offering unparalleled manoeuvrability, safety, and efficiency to help you accomplish your goals with confidence.

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