Used for:

Window protection to reduce potential damage to machines left on-site overnight, (can not be used with screen guard).

Solid and Canvas Cabs Guards Available

Suitable For:

14, 22 & 36 Tonne Excavators.

Also available on Super Long Front Machines.

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Cab Guards Hire is also available at H. E. Services. They are designed to provide window protection and reduce potential damage to machines left on-site overnight. Cab Guards are a vital component in safeguarding your equipment. They act as a barrier, protecting the windows from accidental impacts, flying debris, and vandalism. By installing Cab Guards, you can reduce the risk of costly repairs or downtime caused by broken windows.

Our Cab Guards are available to hire in two options: solid and canvas. The solid Cab Guards provide a sturdy and durable shield, ensuring maximum protection for your machine’s windows. Alternatively, our canvas Cab Guards present a lightweight yet dependable option, offering an additional level of protection against potential damage. Kindly be aware that Cab Guards and screen guards cannot be used simultaneously as they serve distinct purposes. While screen guards are designed to safeguard against falling objects, Cab Guards are specifically dedicated to window protection.

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