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roto wrists

Roto Wrists

Also known as a Rototilt the Roto Wrist is the perfect precision attachment for your jobsite. With full 360 degree rotation and a rotating actuator which will tilt in every direction the operator has a highly accurate tool at hand. Get the job done quickly, at great precision and in the most cost efficient way possible.

Designed for grading and landscaping jobs where the varied ground gradients can make work difficult and challenging, the Rota Wrist is great for working on sites with restricted and limited access. The Roto Wrist allows the operator to use tilts and angles to work with difficult areas, making it easier, more accurate and efficient allowing you complete the job on time and on budget. 

Thanks to its hooker quick hitch attachment the Roto Wrist transforms any excavators it is used with into a precision piece of equipment, with fantastic flexibility that’s capable of executing a variety of construction tasks.

Roto Wrist (MH08) can tilt up to 90 degrees each way. The MH15 can also tilt 65 degrees.

Suitable For:

8 Ton & 14 Ton excavators