Excavator Vacuum

Reduce your time and labour with the Excavator Vacuum Attachment (TINBIN TC2). This easy to use excavator vacuum allows you to excavate your digging areas and reach into those tricky tight spots with ease.

Suitable for:

PC138 Roadliner (14 tonne)

PC210 (22 tonne)

Weight:1.3 tonne empty
Suction Tube Diameter:250mm
Capacity:¾ m³
Dimensions:2300 x 15

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Enabling finer excavation, the TINBIN TC2 minimises damage to utilities and allows you to excavate test holes. Operators can also reach problematic spots and complete all manual digging operations with ease. The TINBIN TC2 is also designed to excavate wet beds and can be used for the cleaning of road ditches, drainage shafts and more thanks to its fantastic ¾ c.um water/sludge capacity. Network Rail approved the TINBIN TC2 can also be applied to cleaning track ballast.

Attaching to a standard excavator boom the TINBIN TC2 is extremely portable and a breeze to position on site. This simple to control and manoeuvre equipment is easy to unload to a dumper or on site, so you can to deal with the leftover waste in the most efficient way possible.

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