Mini Digger Hire

Mini digger hire, from H.E. SERVICES, is brilliant! Have you ever been in a situation where you need to hire a digger, seen many online but confused on which digger to hire? 

Our Mini Diggers are very versatile!

Our 1.5 Ton Mini Digger 

This compact excavator can be used for many jobs. Our customers have said that this mini digger is very easy to operate as well as use on site. This mini digger is ideal for use where access is tight, being a smaller machine, noise levels are at a minimum making the machine ideal for garden landscaping & small extensions etc.

You can have a Breaker attached to this mini digger which will allow you to break through concrete as well as tarmac & sub ground! Our breakers are known to be one of the best breakers for hiring out in the industry!

Kerb Lifters are also attachments that can be used with our 1.5 ton mini digger. Kerb lifters are used for handling kerbs.

Our 3 Ton Mini Digger

Our 3 Ton digger is more versatile & allows you to have more attachments. Yes that’s right! As our 3 Ton mini digger is slightly bigger  than our 1.5 Ton Digger ,though it’s still a mini digger, it has more power & allows you to use a few more attachments . Breakers and kerb lifters are also suitable for this digger as well as having the option of attaching Augers/ Flights for fence posts etc.. Brush cutters can also be attached for cutting back brambles & shrubs etc. Fence Post Drivers which allow you to drive fence posts in the ground easily and efficiently and finally Tilting Blades which are used for Grading at different angles.

Excavator Attachments

As you can see, our mini diggers are great as they allow you to have the essential  attachments you need on site!


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