Why Should I Hire a Telehandler? JCB vs Manitou

Have you got a construction project coming up in 2024? Will you need to hire a telehandler? Take a look at our latest blog post to find out the benefits of using a telehandler, and a comparison between two big contenders, JCB and Manitou. 

What is a Telehandler Used For?

For those unfamiliar with telehandlers, you might be wondering about their purpose and why they are essential for plant, agricultural, or construction needs.

To begin, a telehandler, also known as a teleporter or boom lift, is essentially a telescopic fork truck. Equipped with a telescopic cylinder, it functions as a crane, allowing operators to use various digger attachments like buckets and forks at the end of the crane.

Unlike a forklift, a telehandler is the preferred choice for construction sites due to its robustness, making it ideal for motorways, busy construction areas, and farming applications.

In agriculture, telehandlers serve diverse purposes, from carrying large hay barrels to stacking them and transporting substantial amounts of animal dung or earth. Their ability to accommodate large bucket attachments makes them perfect for lifting, moving, and off-loading materials such as gravel or sand.

On construction sites, telehandlers excel at lifting diverse items, including pallets of bricks, large sandbags, metal rods, and planks of wood to the top of buildings.

While various manufacturers produce telehandlers, at H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd, we typically offer JCB and Manitou telehandler machines for hire, each with its unique features. So, what sets them apart?

JCB Telehandlers

If you’re looking to hire a telehandler, choosing JCB telehandlers ensures peace of mind, as they are the market leaders, with one in three telehandlers sold worldwide being a JCB. Here’s why JCB telehandlers stand out:

Let’s start with one of our most sought-after models at H. E. Services, the JCB 540-170. This machine boasts a 9000 lb capacity and a 23-foot discharge height. Featuring the unique JCB vertically integrated powertrain, it is equipped with the JCB Ecomax engine at 109 horsepower, eliminating the need for a diesel filter or ad-blue.

Moving on to the JCB 540-200, it holds the title of the largest reach JCB telescopic telehandler ever produced. Available for rent at H. E. Services, this machine is also the largest rigid telescopic handler in Europe. With a maximum lift height of 20 metres, 3 metres higher than its counterparts. It can handle a full 1500 lb load at its maximum reach. The extended stabiliser leg mount and broader footprint contribute to enhanced forward and lateral stability.

Featuring a 5-stage boom design, the JCB 540-200 achieves lift ability while maintaining a compact structure. This design, made of lighter yet higher-grade steel, allows for maximum lift height capacity at the front of the machine. The internal extension ram and chain extension in the 5-stage boom provide proportional extension of all five sections simultaneously.

JCB telehandlers distinguish themselves with a single-piece boom design, minimising stresses in the boom nose for enhanced strength and durability. Renowned for their structural robustness, JCB machines are crafted with operator comfort, productivity, excellent fuel economy, and paramount safety in mind.

For those looking to hire a telehandler, H. E. Services offers an array of JCB telehandlers, including:

  • 540-20
  • 595-95
  • 535-125
  • 540-140
  • 540-170
  • 540-200

Choose JCB for telehandler rentals that prioritise performance, reliability, and operator well-being. View all of our telehandlers for hire here

JCB telehandler for hire
JCB telehandler hire

Manitou Telehandlers for Hire

Founded in 1958, Manitou has established itself as a robust and experienced manufacturer in the plant and agricultural industry. With affiliations to esteemed brands like Toyota and Yanmar, Manitou has emerged as a formidable player, consistently delivering quality machines globally.

Specialising exclusively in the design and manufacturing of telehandlers, forklift trucks, forklifts, and loaders, Manitou remains dedicated to its core business, demonstrating a profound understanding of its customers’ requirements.

Manitou’s clientele appreciates the thoughtful design of their machines, particularly the comfortable and easily accessible cab, featuring a joystick-mounted armrest in most Manitou telehandler models. The curved windscreen enhances operators’ efficiency by providing optimal viewing during machine use.

The Manitou MT625H model, with a lifting height of 19.5 feet and a lifting capacity of 5,500 lbs, incorporates reverse fans to prevent dirt and hay from clinging to the machine. Ensuring unobstructed views for the operator, which is definitely an appreciated feature.

Manitou telehandlers have also been designed with multiple steering options, including crab steering, 2-wheel steering, and 4-wheel steering, facilitating easy navigation around tight corners.

At H. E. Services, we proudly offer a selection of Manitou telehandlers for hire, including the:

  • MT420H
  • MT625H
  • MT932
  • MT1335
  • MT1840

Explore the versatility and quality of Manitou telehandlers for your specific needs.

hire a telehandler - H.E. Services
rent a telehandler

Contact The H. E. Services Team to Book Your Telehandler Hire

Choosing to hire a telehandler from H. E. Services offer not just a machine, but a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction is evident in our diverse fleet of telehandlers, featuring renowned brands such as JCB and Manitou. What sets us apart is not only the excellence of our equipment but also the strategic placement of our depots across the UK. With conveniently located depots, we ensure prompt and efficient service, meeting your requirements promptly and minimising downtime. 

At H. E. Services, we prioritise your success, offering not just equipment but a reliable partnership for your construction, agricultural, or industrial projects. We can also offer the option of operator hire, should you need someone competent to carry out construction work.

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All information correct as of: 3rd January 2024.

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