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22 Ton Wheeled Excavator

Model: Komatsu PW220

22 Ton Wheeled Excavator Komatsu PW220 H.E. Services

Weight: 22,150 Ton
Height: 3.248 M
Width: 2.75 M
Length- Transport Position: 6.96 M
Max Dig Depth: 5.78 M
Max Dig Height: 9.39 M
Max Reach- Ground Level: 9.14 M
Max Dump Height: 6.98 M
Masterhitch Fitted: Yes
Dozer Blade Fitted: No
Outriggers: 2 PairS
Fuel Tank Capacity: 370 LTS
Max Lift Capacity (close in): 11,650 KG
Min Lift Capacity: 3,250 KG

JCB Hydradig

Model: JCB Hydradig 110WJCB Hydradig 110W H.E. Services

Weight: 11,457 KG
Height: 2.988 M
Width: 2.420 M
Length- Transport Position: 3.689 M
Max Dig Depth: 4.41 M
Max Dig Height: 8.795 M
Max Reach- Ground Level: 7.785 M
Max Dump Height: 6.965 M
Fuel Tank Capacity: 162 LTS

18 Ton Wheeled Excavator – 2 Piece Boom

Model: Komatsu PW160: 2 Piece Boom

18 Ton Wheeled Excavator - 2 Piece Boom hire

Weight: 18,310  TON
Height: 3.99 M
Width: 2.55 M
Length- Transport Position: 8.25 M
Max Dig Depth: 5.36 M
Max Dig Height: 9.91 M
Max Reach- Ground Level: 8.71 M
Max Dump Height: 7.43 M
Masterhitch fitted: Yes
Dozer Blade Fitted: Yes
Outriggers: 1 Pair
Min Lifting Capacity: 1300 KG
Max Lifting Capacity (close in): 8000 KG
Fuel Tank Capacity: 325 LTS


Model: JCB 3CX Turbo High Speed Contractor

JCB 3CX Turbo High Speed Contractor hire




8.5 Ton

Height- Inc. Flashing Light, Backactor Low: 3.12 M
Height- Backactor in Travel Position: 3.61 M
Width: 2.35 M
Length- Transport Position: 5.62 M
Maximum Dig Depth- Back Arm Extended: 5.46 M
Maximum Dig Height- Back Arm: 6.35 M
Max Dump Height- Back Arm Extended:  4.720 M
Front Bucket Maximum Load Over Height: 3.2 M
Safe Working Load- Back Arm Extended: 718 KG
Safe Working Load- Back Arm Retracted:  1000 KG
Max Lift Capacity- Front Capacity: 2850 KG
Forklift Safe Working Load:

Masterhitch Fitted- Back Arm:

Max Reach Ground Level – Back Arm:

Piped For Breakers & Attachments:

Smooth Ride System:

1000 KG


6.52 M



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