V2 Rocket Excavation in Kent

H. E. Services is once again proudly collaborating with Research Resource Archaeology to contribute to an exciting V2 Rocket excavation project. This partnership underscores our dedication to supporting valuable research efforts.

Meet the Award-Winning Archaeological Team

The excavation project is led by a team of distinguished archaeologists from Research Resource Archaeology. Known for their extensive experience and expertise in the realm of V offensive weapons. Their knowledge and research have been instrumental in pinpointing specific sites for excavation.

Hunting for a Historic RelicHE machine digging - V2 Rocket Excavation

The team’s current objective is to excavate a site in Kent. Using a Komatsu PC138 to uncover the remains of a V2 rocket that impacted Yalding. The impact occurred on November 6th, 1944, and remarkably, no lives were lost. However, six individuals sustained injuries, including one serious injury. Approximately 100 homes in the village suffered damage. The V2 rocket, fired from The Hague, struck Yalding at 10:55 AM, just five minutes after its launch.

The Significance of the Dig Site

This particular site is of great interest to the team for several reasons. The recorded crater size of 20 meters is twice the average size for this type of impact. Additionally, the recorded depth of 3 meters is significantly less than expected. The Yalding crater’s size is similar to that of one of the team’s prior excavations.

Electronic surveys of the field have identified numerous potential findings awaiting discovery. By examining the available information, the archaeological team aims to craft a comprehensive study. This study will be submitted to Kent County Council’s Historic Environment Manager, making a valuable contribution to Yalding’s history.

Open to the Public

The excavation site will be open to the public from August 15th to August 18th. Visitors are encouraged to explore the dig site and witness history being unearthed. Engaging with the knowledgeable dig team to learn more about the site’s significance.

The excavation will occur in the large rear garden of Beultside. Located at Lees Road, Yalding, near Maidstone, Kent ME18 6HB. Ample parking is available on the northern side of Lees Road.

Stay Informed

Stay connected with us through our blog and social channels for updates and insights into the findings at the dig site.

About the V2 Rocket

The V2 rocket, the world’s first long-range missile, marked a significant turning point in rocketry and warfare. Its impact during the war and civilian death toll were substantial. These rockets could travel at supersonic speeds, make impact without audible warning, and had no effective defence at the time. Their role in history was profound, with nearly 1,400 V2 rockets striking London alone.

What’s intriguing is that the revolutionary engineering of the V2 rocket, originally used as a weapon of war, later contributed to human space exploration. The V2 rocket became the first known man-made object to reach space. Covering 118 miles on October 3, 1942. Despite its devastating wartime use, it ultimately played a crucial role in advancing human exploration beyond Earth.

The Scientific Perspective

Lord Cherwell, Professor Lindemann and chief scientific advisor to Winston Churchill during the war, initially dismissed the idea of the Germans creating a rocket capable of striking Great Britain. He considered it an “impossible thing.” His evaluation was based on the presumption that no missile using solid fuel propellants could reach England if fired from Europe. The Germans, however, utilised liquid fuels capable of traveling around 200 miles.

Follow the dig team here and revisit our blog for updates on the excavation’s findings.


All information correct as of: 11th August 2022.

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