Transport Move for The Guinness Factory!

This month, we’ve been part of an exciting transportation move involving the renowned Guinness factory!

Our West Midlands depot played a crucial role in collecting and transporting a unique bus to Dublin, Ireland, where the Guinness factory is located.

The Guinness Factory: A Historic Icon

For those not acquainted with it, the Guinness factory is a storied establishment dedicated to the world-famous Guinness beer. The Guinness Storehouse provides an immersive journey through the history of Ireland’s iconic brew. It spans across seven captivating floors. Visitors can trace the fascinating story of Guinness, culminating in breath taking 360-degree views of Dublin city from the Gravity Bar.

The Extraordinary Vintage Bus

This was no ordinary bus – it was a vintage ‘AEC’ Leyland from 1946. ‘AEC’ was a distinguished British vehicle manufacturer renowned for producing buses, motor coaches, and trucks from 1912 to 1979. During World War I, AEC was the foremost British lorry manufacturer, notably responsible for building London’s buses before the war.

Our West Midlands Depot took possession of this exceptional bus in Kidderminster, a historic town in Worcestershire within our coverage area.

A Stunning Restoration

After meticulous restoration work that rendered it in pristine condition, the vintage bus was prepared for its journey to Ireland. Where it would find a new home with a collector. Our West Midlands Depot delivered the bus to Holyhead. It then embarked on a ferry bound for its eagerly awaited destination – the Guinness Factory in Dublin. There, it is set to serve as a tour bus for the factory’s visitors.

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All information correct as of: 2nd February 2022.

Transport Move - Guinness Factory
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