Top Tips For Laying Your Own Patio Tools And What Machinery You Need

Revamping your outdoor space with a patio can truly transform its allure. Whether you’re refreshing your garden aesthetics or creating a new hub for summer socialising, streamlining the process is paramount.

Here at H. E. Services Plant Hire, we excel in providing the machinery necessary for your projects. Opting to hire equipment simplifies the patio-laying process, reducing the labour-intensive and physically demanding aspects. Our commitment lies in furnishing top-tier equipment while imparting industry insights and techniques, allowing you to savour more moments under the sun, basking in the completed patio.

With a plethora of options for designing, planning, measuring, and excavating tailored to your space, we’re poised to assist you in navigating the intricacies of laying your own patio.

laying a patio tools - laying your own patio tools

How Can I Determine The Machinery Required For Laying A Patio?

Projects vary in size and scope depending on the available space, and the same applies to the machinery needed.

Certain pieces of equipment prove invaluable for a wide range of projects. For instance, dumpers and wacker plates constitute essential components of landscaping endeavours. Below, we’ve curated a selection of our preferred machinery ideal for your upcoming patio project:

Tracked dumpers: Exceptional for material transportation, the tracked dumper stands as the smallest dumper in our inventory. Its compact size renders it perfect for garden projects, easily manoeuvring through side gates and spaces with restricted access.

Compactor Plate Hire: Facilitate ground preparation for your new patio professionally with a Scheppach 6.5HP Petrol Compactor. Lightweight and user-friendly, these devices efficiently compact loose soil and rubble, priming the surface for cement or paving slab installation.

For comprehensive transformations of larger areas, a heavier-duty solution may be warranted.

How To Lay A Patio In A Spacious Outdoor Area

To optimise your machinery hire for laying a patio in a larger outdoor space, you’ll require equipment capable of efficiently excavating a significant amount of ground to prepare for your new patio.

Here are our recommended excavators tailored to meet your requirements:

For smaller patio projects: Residential settings are well-suited to smaller diggers like the micro excavator or mini excavator, owing to their compact size and manoeuvrability. Most models can easily navigate through doorways or side gates and are simpler to operate compared to larger variants.

For larger patio projects: If you have ample space and are pressed for time, we suggest opting for a midi excavator. These models boast enhanced power and digging depth, with newer iterations often available in more compact sizes. This allows you to undertake a comprehensive transformation of your outdoor space on a larger scale.

A final pro tip from the H. E. Services Plant Hire team: While larger excavator models can cover more ground in less time, they also pose a greater challenge to operate. Alongside hiring a midi excavator, consider budgeting for an experienced operator to carry out the work efficiently.

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