The Smart Choice for Construction Machinery Hire in 2024

Strategic decision-making is paramount in the construction industry. As we venture into 2024, the need for efficient and dependable construction machinery hire becomes increasingly crucial. H. E. Services stands out as the preferred destination, delivering superior construction machinery solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. Have you sorted out your plant machinery for your 2024 projects yet?

Advantages of Construction Machinery Hire

So why should you consider hiring construction machinery, we hear you ask? Here’s just a few reasons:

Cost-Effective Solutions: The financial burden associated with purchasing construction machinery, especially for smaller businesses, can be substantial. Opting for construction machinery hire from H. E. Services provide access to top-tier equipment without the hefty upfront investment, preserving capital for other pivotal aspects of your project.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Construction projects vary in scale and scope, necessitating the right machinery for each phase. Construction machinery hire offers the flexibility to select equipment precisely tailored to meet your current project requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency and resource utilisation.

Cutting-Edge Technology: With the construction industry experiencing rapid technological advancements, choosing machinery hire ensures access to the latest and most advanced equipment in our extensive fleet. This guarantees that your projects benefit from cutting-edge technology, enhancing overall productivity and output.

Top Construction Machinery for Hire from H. E. Services in 2024:

Now you know why you should be hiring plant equipment, let’s find out the top types of machinery you need to add to your list:


Versatile and indispensable, telehandlers from renowned brands such as JCB and Manitou provide the lift capacity and reach essential for various tasks. Whether it’s material handling on construction sites or agricultural applications, telehandlers offer the flexibility and efficiency required for modern projects.

Whether you need the versatility of a 4 metre JCB 540-20 or the impressive reach of a JCB 540-200, the largest rigid telescopic handler in Europe, our fleet caters to a variety of lifting and material handling needs.


We are known for our diverse range of excavators, meticulously tailored to suit projects of any size. From compact models designed for confined spaces to larger excavators capable of substantial earthmoving tasks, our fleet ensures you have the perfect excavator for the job.

From 1.5 tonne mini diggers to a SR22 Long Reach excavator, we’ve got a large fleet readily available to hire. 


Crucial for transporting and unloading materials efficiently, dumpers play a pivotal role in construction projects. With various sizes and capacities available, H. E. Services’ dumper fleet is well-equipped to handle the diverse demands of projects. For enquiries about our Dumper Hire services, just reach out to our specialised National Hire Centre. Our experienced team is ready to help you choose the ideal machine for your project and offer a customised quote that suits your budget.


Achieving the right level of compaction is vital for construction projects. With our selection of rollers, including smooth drum and padfoot options, they will ensure optimal compaction for various soil types and materials. With advanced features and reliable performance, our roller models are designed to enhance efficiency and precision on every construction site. View all of our various rollers for hire here

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Why Choose H. E. Services for your Construction Machinery Hire?

In addition to providing an extensive and well-maintained fleet, H. E. Services distinguishes itself with strategically placed depots across the UK. This strategic positioning ensures swift and efficient service, minimising downtime and allowing you to concentrate on what matters most, your project’s success.

As the construction industry progresses, make the savvy choice for 2024 by selecting construction machinery hire from H. E. Services. Unlock unparalleled efficiency, adhere to budget constraints, and elevate your projects to new heights with the right machinery at your disposal.

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All information correct as of: 10th January 2024.

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