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In the realm of construction and agricultural industries, the telehandler stands as a versatile machine, offering unparalleled lifting capabilities and adaptability. However, the true magic lies in the array of attachments it can accommodate, each tailored to specific tasks, maximising efficiency and productivity. H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd offers a comprehensive selection of telehandler attachments for hire, catering to diverse needs and applications.


Hydraulic Side Shift Fork Carriage

One of the fundamental attachments for telehandlers, the Hydraulic Side Shift Fork Carriage adds a new dimension to material handling tasks. This attachment allows operators to adjust the position of loads horizontally, offering precise placement without the need to reposition the telehandler. Whether it’s loading pallets onto trucks or arranging materials in tight spaces, the hydraulic side shift fork carriage ensures optimal manoeuvrability and efficiency.

Roof Truss Jib

For construction projects requiring vertical reach and precision, the Roof Truss Jib attachment is essential. This specialised attachment extends the telehandler’s lifting capabilities, enabling the safe and efficient installation of roof trusses and other overhead structures. With adjustable angles and reach, it provides versatility in various roofing applications, enhancing productivity while ensuring worker safety.

Telehandler Attachments 

With H. E. Services, accessing these telehandler attachments for hire has never been easier. Their extensive fleet of well-maintained equipment ensures reliability and performance, enabling businesses to meet project deadlines and surpass expectations. Moreover, their team of experienced professionals provides expert guidance and support, ensuring customers find the right attachments for their specific requirements.

Masterhitch Europe Limited

In the realm of excavator attachments, Masterhitch stands as a reputable provider dedicated to innovation and quality. Specialising in a wide range of attachments for excavators, including buckets, grapples, and quick hitches, Masterhitch offers solutions tailored to the diverse needs of construction, demolition, and landscaping industries. They also specialise in telehandler attachments with their Telehandler Log Grab, Telehandler Bucket and more. With a focus on durability, efficiency, and operator safety, their attachments are engineered to withstand rigorous use while delivering exceptional performance on the job site.

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