SMART Fuel Bowser Now Available

At H. E. Services, we’re thrilled to introduce a ground breaking innovation to our hire fleet – the Smart Fuel Bowser. This is not just any fuel bowser; it’s the world’s first smart fuel bowser, and we take pride in making it available to you.

A Greener Approach to Fuel

Our commitment to eco-friendly solutions extends beyond traditional plant hire. As part of a family of companies that includes EVision, Solarvault, and H. E. Solar, and with our own facilities powered by solar energy, we continuously strive to make sustainable changes wherever possible. The Smart Bowser, also known as the ‘Smart Refuelling Station,’ aligns perfectly with our vision.

The White Bowser that’s GreenSmart fuel bowser

Our Smart Fuel Bowser is a 2000L diesel fuel bowser that’s not only efficient but environmentally conscious. It features an electric refuelling pump powered by onboard twin deep discharge batteries. Additionally, it comes with both a resettable and non-resettable fuel meter. But what truly sets it apart is the integration of solar technology. The Smart Fuel Bowser is equipped with a Solar PV panel to charge its onboard batteries, harnessing the power of the sun. The visible battery charge state is a testament to its green credentials. It also offers:

  • USB charging ports for your phones and devices
  • Internal and external lighting
  • A hand-crank pump for emergencies if the battery is low

The Smart Features

What makes this fuel bowser truly ‘smart’ are its advanced technical features. The Smart Fuel Bowser boasts live CCTV with instant cloud recording through multiple cameras, including infrared night vision. This feature not only deters theft but also ensures 30 days of recorded footage, including audio. To further boost its charge during winter, it even has a wind turbine. Monitoring the battery level is made easy, and you can conveniently charge your devices through the built-in USB ports. The bowser’s internal and external lights facilitate operations during the night. While the hand-crank pump serves as a reliable backup for unexpected battery issues.

State-of-the-Art Cameras

The Smart Fuel Bowser’s cameras are top-notch. One camera focuses on the fuel meter and battery voltage, another records who’s using the bowser, and additional cameras provide a bird’s-eye view of the surroundings and refuelling activities.

Other Key Features

Here are some additional highlights of the Smart Fuel Bowser:

  • Fully bunded
  • Forkliftable
  • Site towable
  • Slingable from four lifting points
  • Visible fuel gauge
  • Fully lockable
  • Wind turbine for extra charging in winter

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All information correct as of: 29th June 2022. 

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