Rollers Available to Hire

800mm Bomag Roller

800mm Bomag Roller Model: BW80 AD-5

Model: BW80 AD-5

Weight: 1550 KG
Width: 800 MM
Length- Transport Position: 2,194 M
Fuel Tank Capacity: 30 LTS
Height With ROPS- Up: 2,304 M
Height With ROPS- Folded: 1627 M
Frequency: 42/63 HZ
Drum Diameter: 580mm
Spray Bars Yes

1200mm Bomag Roller

1200mm Bomag Roller Model: BW120 AD-5

Model: BW120 AD-5

Weight: 2700 KG
Width: 1,200 MM
Length- Transport Position: 2,529 M
Fuel Tank Capacity: 35 LTS
Height With ROPS- Up: 2,568 M
Height With ROPS- Folded: 1,808 M
Frequency: 63/67 HZ
Drum Diameter: 700mm
Spray Bars Yes

1350mm Bomag Roller

1350mm Bomag Roller Model: BW135 AD-5

Model: BW135 AD-5

Weight: 4000 KG
Width: 1300 MM
Length- Transport Position: 2840 M
Fuel Tank Capacity: 55 LTS
Height With ROPS- Up: 2,703 M
Height With ROPS- Folded: 1895 M
Frequency: 50/56 HZ
Drum Diameter: 900 mm
Spray Bars Yes

Bomag Trench Roller

Trench Roller Remote Device

Model: BMP-8500

Weight: 1.585 KG
Width: 610- 850 MM (With Extensions)
Length- Transport Position: 1897 MM
Fuel Tank Capacity: 24,0 L
Fuel Diesel
Height 1275 MM
Frequency: 42/42 HZ
Drum Diameter: 420 mm