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Are you on the hunt for a reliable roller to tackle your construction or compaction project? Look no further than H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd. We proudly offer an extensive selection of high-quality rollers available for rent, ensuring you have the perfect equipment to complete your task efficiently. With our exceptional Bomag Rollers, you can trust in top-tier performance and optimal compaction results, making us your premier destination for roller rentals.

Rent a Roller: The Backbone of Plant Hire

Rollers are the unsung heroes in the world of construction and landscaping, frequently utilised across a multitude of projects. They play an indispensable role in compacting surfaces to achieve stability, smoothness, and proper compaction of materials like soil, asphalt, and more. Rollers stand as versatile tools suited for a wide array of projects, ranging from road construction to pavement maintenance and even landscaping endeavours. Their substantial weight, combined with a rolling action, effectively eliminates air voids, leaving you with a solid, uniformly compressed surface.

The Advantages of Utilising Rollers:

  1. Efficient Compaction: Rollers provide a comprehensive and uniform compaction process, enhancing the longevity of surfaces.
  2. Flawless Finish: They create a seamless, even surface, perfect for roadways and walkways.
  3. Time and Labour Savings: Rollers expedite the compaction process, saving valuable time and reducing labour requirements.
  4. Heightened Stability: Compacted surfaces exhibit superior load-bearing capabilities and resistance to erosion.
  5. Professional Results: Achieve outcomes of professional quality that meet the industry’s stringent standards.

Safety First: Tips for Renting a Roller

Safety should always be a top priority when renting and operating heavy equipment like rollers. Here are some crucial safety tips to consider:

  • Training: Ensure that all operators are well-trained to operate the equipment safely.
  • Inspection: Always inspect the roller’s condition before operation, looking for any signs of damage or malfunction.
  • Safety Gear: Operators should don appropriate protective gear, including helmets and reflective vests.
  • Clear Area: Maintain a safe distance between the roller and bystanders while the machine is in operation.
  • Stability: Operate the roller on stable, level ground to prevent accidents.
  • Braking: Familiarise yourself with the roller’s braking system and use it as needed to ensure safe operation.

Exploring Our Array of Rollers and Compactor Plates for Hire

Understanding that various projects have distinct requirements, we offer a wide range of rollers in different sizes, ensuring you always have the ideal equipment for your specific needs. Whether you’re tackling a compact area or a more expansive site, H. E. Services has you covered.

  • 800mm Bomag Roller (Model: BW80 AD-5): The compact and manoeuvrable solution for tight spaces, weighing 1550kg with an 800mm width. It boasts a 30-liter fuel tank for extended operation times and includes spray bars for even water distribution during compaction.

  • 1200mm Bomag Roller (Model: BW120 AD-5): Designed for larger projects, this model offers a 2700kg weight and a 1200mm width. It features a 35-liter fuel tank for prolonged use, along with a 700mm drum diameter and spray bars for remarkable compaction results.

  • 1350mm Bomag Roller (Model: BW135 AD-5): When demanding heavy-duty compaction, look no further. This roller weighs 4000kg and offers a 1300mm width. It sports a 900mm drum diameter and includes spray bars for uniform compaction across your work area.

  • Bomag Trench Roller (Model: BMP-8500): Ideal for specialised projects, this roller weighs 1.585kg and offers variable width from 610mm to 850mm (with extensions). It’s perfect for compacting trenches and tight spaces, featuring a diesel fuel source, a height of 1275mm, and a 420mm drum diameter for versatility across various applications.

The Scheppach Compactor Plate: Enhancing Your Efficiency

Unleash the capabilities of the Scheppach 6.5hp Petrol Compactor Plate (HP 100S), a versatile tool designed to streamline your construction projects. This compactor plate features powered forward movement, allowing it to effortlessly glide across surfaces. Furthermore, its foldaway wheels simplify transportation and storage. With an impressive compaction depth, this tool is especially useful for preparing surfaces for block paving, decking, and more. When you rent a Bomag roller from us, consider augmenting your work’s quality and efficiency with the Scheppach compactor plate.

Why H. E. Services is Your Ideal Choice for Bomag Rollers

Selecting a Bomag Roller from H. E. Services offers numerous advantages. Bomag stands as a renowned brand celebrated for its quality and reliability in construction equipment. Our rental fleet ensures you have access to the latest models, equipped with advanced features for optimal performance. Whether your project revolves around road construction, landscaping, or any other compaction task, our rollers consistently deliver efficient and reliable results.

Connect with Us to Secure Your Roller Rental

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