Masterhitch Quickhitch for Quick & Easy Attachment Changes

The Masterhitch Quick Hitch is a time-saving solution fitted to every excavator. Ultimately, revolutionising bucket changes. As the number of bucket changes increases, your time savings grow exponentially. On average, you can save up to 1 hour per day.

Swift and Secure Attachments

masterhitch quick hitch

The dedicated Masterhitch Quick Hitch is seamlessly integrated with every H. E. Services excavator, starting from 3 tonnes and above. This innovative feature empowers you to effortlessly and securely swap attachments on-site, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

The hydraulic quick hitch boasts full automation, reversibility, and eliminates the need for manual safety locking devices. Masterhitch Europe Ltd, a sister company of H. E. Services, has meticulously crafted the quick hitch with paramount focus on safety. It complies rigorously with the latest health and safety executive requirements, including ISO13031, ensuring peace of mind.

We are confident that the quick hitch is the safest coupler on the market. A fact reaffirmed by our customers and rigorous health and safety tests. Its distinct design enhances on-site efficiency while maintaining the highest level of safety during operation.

Key Highlights

So why should you invest in a quick hitch? Operators can benefit from the following: 

  • Standard feature on all H.E. Services excavators
  • Facilitates swift and secure bucket changes
  • Reversible buckets
  • Locks onto both pins
  • Operator can observe both locks from the cab
  • Full compliance with HSE and ISO standards
  • Tested lifting point(s) on the hitch
  • Buckets and attachments remain secured until safely grounded

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All information correct as of: 31st August 2022.

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