Our Top 5 Excavator Attachments

At H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd we have an incredible range of excavator attachments available to hire out with any of our machines.

BreakersExcavator attachments - Breaker

Breakers are used to demolish hard services such as concrete, rock or tarmac.

Our Hydraulic breakers are a fantastic excavator attachment for projects that require ground works. They are very easy to operate. The time taken by this earth moving machine is less compared to how much time the job would take if completed manually.

We can also prove underwater kits if need be.

Breakers are suitable for all our machines excluding super long reach excavators.

Selector Grabs

Selector grabs are excavator attachments that are perfect for re-handling, demolition work and sorting a range of building materials. Our selector grabs are available with shells. Allowing small granules of dust particles and gravel to go through without larger pieces getting caught. What’s great about our selector grabs is that it has the function of rotating 360 degrees. Making demolition work much more easier as you have full control.

Our selector grabs are available on the following machines: 8, 15, 22 and 36 tonne diggers.

Excavator Mounted Vibrator (EMV)

EMV attachments, also known as excavator mounted vibrators are perfect for inserting and removing sheet piles. Sheet piles are equipment that help support excavation. They also helps create barriers to groundwater flow. 

The piles can be lifted with the built-in lifting chain where it is then securely gripped in a powerful hydraulic jaw. The pile then vibrates with high frequency vibrations. With the self-weight of the pile and the vibrator, it then gives out a force to push the pile into the ground. Same way, the process works in reverse for pile extraction.

It’s a very simple and fast attachment to work with. As well as having the benefits of high power to weight ratio and being environmentally friendly (low noise/localised directional vibration). This excavator attachment is suitable for the following machines: 14, 22 and 36 tonne excavators.

Shaker Buckets Shaker Buckets

Shaker buckets, also known as riddle buckets are used for sorting larger objects from smaller ones. The name shaker bucket come from the way this attachment works. It shakes in the process to help it do its job. This attachment is more so like a giant sieve on an excavator having the purpose of sorting. Shaker buckets are mainly used for demolition, quarrying and landscaping. They are suitable for the following machines: 8, 15, 22, 36 and 49 tonne diggers.

Mounted Pallet Forks

Our excavator mounted pallet forks are used for re-handing pallets or bulk items with an excavator arm. Mounted pallet forks are useful for moving heavy items and items that are hard to reach. This attachment is suitable for the following machines:  8, 15, 22, 36 and 49 tonne diggers.

All our attachments are made in-house from our sister company Masterhitch.

Check out our full range of our complimentary excavator attachments as well has other plant accessories we have on our fleet.

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All information correct as of: 20th September 2019.

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