Mini to Mighty Digger Hire

Our range of diggers available for hire can help with any construction and demolition project. Find out which one is the most suited for you.

We have a wide range of machines on our hire fleet, in particular our Komatsu mini diggers. They are small but robust and are the first choice for the smaller jobs.


These small but powerful excavators are great for any site due to their compact size, allowing work to be done efficiently and safely as well as causing less damage to work surfaces.


Our mini diggers are popular for day to day jobs.

With the advantage of reduced tail swing, they are great for residential sites allowing construction work to be done without major disruption as well as being the most cost efficient.

Check out our full range of mini diggers for your next mini digger hire.

Mini digger

We also have Komatsu midi diggers for hire ranging from  5 – 8 Ton. These particular diggers offer a powerful digging depth which is great for sites that require more intense work.

Our midi diggers offer great features such as power, accuracy, and the ability to easily transition between natural jobs to groundworks.


Site workers come across situations where they would want a small digger but need more power. This is when we would recommend our midi diggers as they are smaller than a large digger but are more powerful than a mini digger.


Unlike the mini diggers, our midi diggers have more options for particular attachments compared to the mini diggers.

From breakers for demolition to forestry work!  Our most popular attachment to compliment our 8 Ton midi digger would be our 6-in-1 bucket as it has versatile options such as dozing, loading, digging, grabbing, spreading & grading.

midi digger

Our large diggers are by far the winning range of customer favourites for digger hire.

With the ability to dig large trenches as well as being great for manoeuvring bulky objects and materials, our large diggers are great for tasks involving demolition, rail construction, site grazing and landscaping! bucket size suitable for these diggers are a great advantage as they can sustain a larger amount of material for any job.

We have rubber tracked, steel tracked and wheeled excavators perfect for whatever your site requires. Wheeled Excavators are very handy due to their speed limit allowing faster productivity. Wheeled excavators are well known for their unique ride control as well as a 360-visibility advantage for machine operators.

This feature certainly allows the operator to have a clear view of all four wheels with a 1m perimeter around the machine. The operator can view the trailer hitch, stabiliser and dozer from inside the cab. Wheels are better suited to a smooth, solid surface, like concrete or inside a warehouse.

wheeled digger

Here comes the mighty digger range… Our Super long reach diggers.

These particular diggers are known to be mighty due to their extraordinary capabilities,

Our super long reach diggers are ideal for tough and complex digging, dredging and battering with the advantage of offering better control and more accuracy. These machines can be equipped with a variety of attachments for performing different operations at the same time. We also fit Bucket Ram Guards on every excavator, as a result reducing the machine downtime and costly ram repairs.

Did know know:


Our sister company, Diggerland Plant Training School, offer a variety of NPORS (National Plant Operator Registration Scheme) approved and accredited courses.

These include, 

  • Telehandler courses
  • Excavator courses
  • Health and safety courses
  • Dumper courses
  • Roller courses

And many other plant courses,


Check out their page today for excellent training.

We have 10 strategically located plant hire depots Nationwide providing services such as plant transport, transport movements, machines for specialist jobs and much more!

We have specialist equipment such as low loaders, beaver tailed low loaders and plant trailers to help with any movement!

At H.E. Services Plant Hire, we have a fleet exceeding 3500 items of plant available for hire.  Purchasing only the most advanced and productive machines available from manufacturers such as Komatsu, JCB, Manitou, Mecalac and coupling this with the very best service from a dedicated workforce.

Give us a call on 0208 804 2000 for our excellent team members to help you out, Alternatively you can Get a Quote or Book a Hire!

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