Long Term Plant Hire
with H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

Interested in a long term plant hire? Continue reading to find out how easy your next plant hire experience will be from us… 

Long Term Plant Hires

Long term hires are brilliant for our customers as we are able to provide a more competitive hire rate when you hire our machines for a longer period of time.

This is ideal for jobs that require machines being able to stay on site with sufficient work which will reduce the hire costs along with not having to pay delivery and transport charges.

Luckily, at H.E. SERVICES Plant Hire, all our machines are available for long term hires.

Our Large Diggers

We have a wide range of Large diggers available for long term hires, starting from a 14 Ton excavator to a 49 Ton excavator with the option of having them with steel or rubber tracked. Hiring a large digger is brilliant for your construction site as they can be very versatile.

14 Ton Excavators

Our 14 Ton Excavator ( PC138) is very convenient for sites that have a confined work space.

Sites that have minimal space and tight access require machines that are safe to avoid damage which makes this machine very suitable.

14 ton excavator

22 Ton Excavators PC210 (Zero Tail Swing- PC228)

What is Zero Tail swing ?

This means when you want to rotate the machine, the cab will not be hanging over the tracks. 

Many operators like to use this machine on sites that have congested areas. These diggers offer ease of manoeuvrability which reduces the risk of damaging any obstructions around the machine such as other equipment, fencing or even buildings. They are also great to be used on roadsides to avoid traffic distribution.

Our other 22 Ton Excavator (PC210) is more for earth moving. Construction sites that require heavy lifting as well as re-landscaping, this machine is fantastic. 

We also have many excavator attachments to suit your needs, whether a breaker or a crusher we have a variety of different attachments for different uses.

Long Term plant hires are available for all our machines and attachments.

Contact our National Hire Centre to find out more about our hire rates 

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