H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Take part in
Government’s ‘Kickstart’ Plan

At H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) we have taken part in the Gov’s kick start program in a bid to help fight the increase of job losses in the UK.

What is the Kickstart program?

Due to the economic uncertainty this global pandemic has caused, the UK government has introduced their ‘Kickstart initiative. This Scheme offers funding to employers to create new jobs for young adults on Universal Credit. The kickstart scheme is mainly aimed at those who are at high risk of long term unemployment.


Being a huge success with almost 20,000 jobs created and more to follow!

At H.E. SERVICES, we are always looking for ambitious members to join our growing company and take on exciting challenges within the Plant Hire industry. We look forward to having people with fresh ideas and energy that can help our Plant Hire business to flourish.

We have taken on board some enthusiastic team players across our 10 depots Nationwide in line with the kickstart Scheme to help the young people gain experience and confidence within a workplace. We also provide in house expert training to staff to help make the work environment much easier and stable. We love to give young adults the opportunity to start a new career.

Plant Hire

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