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At H.E. Services, we love working with our local community. Some of our staff took part in ‘Walk Over October’ organised by Kent Sports Challenge. As well as ‘Step Up This September’ organised by A Better Medway Healthy Workplaces Team.

Many companies in Kent took part in the challenges organised by Kent Sports and Medway Healthy Workplace programme but, we were lucky enough to get a special mention by Kent Sports.

“Special mention must go to H. E. Services who had the most staff taking part in the Challenge. For your efforts, you’ve won a free First Aid Course provided by First Aid Fire.”

Many of our H. E. Services staff took part by either taking a walk during their lunch hour or walking to and from work. Additionally, taking time out after working hours to keep fit and logging their activities. We would like to congratulate Kevin Graham for coming second in the ‘Step Up This September’ challenge and Fatima Parpia for being selected as a Spot Prize Winners for taking part in ‘Walk Over October’!

Keeping fit is a great way to help you feel less fatigue and encourages you to do well in your daily life tasks!

As for winning the First Aid Course by First Aid Fire, it was a very nice session with Jon Bowles.

We covered the basic knowledge of

  • Choking & Airway Obstruction
  • Basic CPR for adults and children
  • Shock

The session was very engaging and our staff learnt the essential ways of saving a life.

We would like to thank First Aid Fire for taking their time out to come to Strood, Kent and give us a free, informative training session. Our staff are now looking forward to participate in the ‘Everyday Active Challenge’ by Kent Sport Starting in January 2020! 

If you are taking part in this challenge, we wish you the best of luck!

All information correct as of: 16th December 2019.

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