Water Bowser

Our versatile water bowsers are designed to meet your needs, whether for on-site or highway tow applications. With the option to choose dust suppression or regular water supply options, our water bowsers offer a convenient solution for various projects. Keep your sites hydrated and dust-free with our reliable water bowsers, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment. If you’re looking to hire a water bowser, get in touch today to book.

Bowser Capacity:1100 Litres
Dimensions:137.79 x 61.42 x 53.15 inches
3,500 x 1,560 x 1,350 mm
Weight:772 / 3,307 lbs
350 / 1,500 kg
Optional Dust SuppressionThe option of gravity fed or with a petrol pump
Option of road or site towableYes
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