Trapezoidal Buckets

Trapezoidal Buckets, also known as V-ditch Buckets are the perfect tool for working with ditches, pipe laying and any drainage work.

The particular cutting angles and V shape allow the operator to dig evening and equally spaced ditches all the way along the area needed in a hassle way. The angles are perfectly designed for cutting identical trenches/ditches all the way around your site. All whilst conforming to recommended drainage ditch dimensions.

Trapezoidal Buckets are also great for working with waterways and streamlines. All the walls dug with be evenly carved saving you time and money on site.

Suitable for a wide range of excavators – From 5 to 49 tonne

Suitable For:

5, 8, 14, 22, 36 and 49 Tonne Excavators

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