Smart Refuelling Bowser

Introducing the Smart refuelling Bowser! With its combined cutting-edge technology, security, convenience and efficiency, get ready to experience the future of fuelling. This remarkable 2000-litre, white diesel, sit-towable bowser comes equipped with an electric re-fuelling pump powered by twin deep discharge batteries, ensuring uninterrupted performance. And guess what? It even has a resettable and non-resettable fuel meter, giving you complete control over your fuel consumption.


  • 2000L Capacity
  • Solar energy
  • USB charging ports
  • Twin deep discharge batteries
  • Internal / external lighting
  • CCTV
  • Wind turbine for extra charging in winter

The smart refuelling bowser goes above and beyond with its advanced features. Picture this: a solar panel charges the batteries, ensuring continuous power supply. We even have a wind turbine for extra charging in winter. You can easily check the battery level, and there are USB ports to charge your phones and devices. The bowser has internal and external lights for easy night operations. And if the battery unexpectedly runs low, no worries! We have a hand crank pump for emergencies.

This bowser has live CCTV cameras that instantly record to the Cloud. They have night vision and can record for up to 30 days. We have cameras focused on the fuel flow meter, fuel tank level meter, and battery voltage. There’s even a camera capturing the user in action. And let’s not forget the bird’s eye view cameras that show all the details during refuelling.

Prepare to transform your fuelling experience with our exceptional bowser. It’s not just a regular bowser; it’s an extraordinary technological marvel that combines convenience, security, and efficiency like never before. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your operations to a whole new level.

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