Rotating Hydraulic Grapple

On the H.E. Services fleet we have the heavy-duty rotating hydraulic grapple available. They are designed to excel in diverse applications such as demolition, waste handling, timber sorting, scrap metal operations, and general material sorting tasks. This digger attachment is a powerful and adaptable tool. Equipped to handle a range of materials across construction and industrial environments. With their hydraulic design and rotation capability, these grapples efficiently manoeuvre through various tasks, making them ideal for different industries. Whether it’s sorting through debris on a demolition site, managing timber in forestry operations, or handling scrap metal, the rotating hydraulic grapple delivers reliable performance, offering efficiency and precision in material handling tasks.

Suitable for:

 8 Tonne Excavator14 Tonne Excavator22 Tonne Excavator36 Tonne Excavator49 Tonne Excavator
Max Opening1400mm1800mm2300mm2500mm2500mm

*Not including cradle


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Rotating Hydraulic Grapples offer several advantages due to their design and functionality:

  1. Versatility: These grapples are versatile tools suitable for various industries, such as construction, demolition, waste management, forestry, and recycling. Their adaptability allows them to handle different materials, from timber and scrap metal to debris and waste.
  2. Enhanced Control and Manoeuvrability: The hydraulic system allows for precise control and rotation of the grapple, enabling operators to handle materials more effectively. This manoeuvrability ensures accurate positioning and handling of materials, improving efficiency on job sites.
  3. Increased Productivity: Hydraulic rotating grapples streamline operations by simplifying material handling tasks. With the ability to rotate and grab materials, they reduce manual labour, saving time and effort, and ultimately increasing productivity on various worksites.
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