Hydraulic Grapple / Non-Rotating Hydraulic Grapple

The non-rotating hydraulic grapples is a robust, heavy-duty attachments designed to excel in diverse applications such as demolition, waste management, timber handling, scrap metal operations, and general sorting tasks.

Suitable for:

8, 14, 22, 36 and 49 tonne excavators


8 Tonne Excavator14 Tonne Excavator22 Tonne Excavator36 Tonne Excavator49 Tonne Excavator
Max Opening730mm980mm980mm1650mm2250kg

*Not including cradle

These grapples are engineered with a hydraulic system, ensuring powerful and secure gripping capabilities. Their design is optimised for efficient handling of various materials, providing reliable support in managing debris, timber, scrap metal, and other sorted items on construction sites. With their non-rotating feature, these grapples offer stability and controlled handling, ideal for different industries that require precision and strength in material handling applications.

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