Often referred to as mowing buckets, Reed Buckets are expertly engineered to trim grass and manage overgrown plant matter in waterlogged areas and ditches. Beyond mere cutting, these buckets offer precise and efficient operation both above and below the waterline, streamlining tasks for optimal time and cost efficiency.

Suitable For :

15 and 22 Tonnes Plus Long Reach Machines

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The ingenious sieve-like structure of Reed Buckets serves a dual purpose. It enables effective drainage by allowing water to flow back into the cleared water channel or ditch while retaining weeds, plant matter, and waste for easy disposal.

Equipped with blades tailored for clean and effective vegetation cutting, these buckets ensure a thorough job. Featuring hydraulically operated razor-sharp blades, the Reed Buckets effortlessly catch, cut, and remove any grass, reeds, or other growth. This feature guarantees high-precision, swift completion of tasks, underscoring the exceptional speed and accuracy these buckets bring to your operations.

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