Re-handling Clamshell Grabs

The Re-handling Clamshell Grabs, meticulously designed for efficient material re-handling on job sites, provide operators with a seamless way to transfer materials between different areas. This versatile grab ensures autonomous material transfer, optimising operational processes and enhancing productivity. Specifically crafted for loading bulk materials onto excavators, the Re-Handling Clamshell Grab facilitates job completion in the most effective manner possible.

Suitable For:

14, 22 & 36 Tonne Excavators

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Tailored for re-handling various materials such as shingle, sand, earth, waste, and assorted aggregates, this grab offers precise control. Featuring a 360-degree rotation and a 15-degree angled plate, it excels in articulation and unrestricted movement, providing unparalleled flexibility. This adaptability makes the Re-Handling Clamshell Grabs ideal for operations in constrained spaces or areas with low headroom, ensuring efficient performance even in challenging working environments.

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