Also referred to as land clearance rakes or clearance rakes, Power Rakes stand as an incredibly versatile tool specifically designed to aid in site clearance and preparation.

Primarily utilised for landscaping and agricultural tasks, Power Rakes perform multiple functions including grading, levelling, and debris removal. They allow operators to effectively ready the ground for new planting or upcoming works. Perfect for handling brambles, tree roots, or even for de-thatching and removing old lawn or stubborn debris that might challenge standard buckets, these rakes are an ideal solution. The narrow tynes of the rake smoothly navigate through the ground, allowing fine dirt to pass while effectively raking up any obstructions. The robustness of the tynes ensures they can withstand the force of the machinery and handle a variety of tasks.

This multifunctional tool streamlines your work, maximising both time and budget efficiency. It’s available in 4, 5, or 7 tyne rakes, providing flexibility to match your specific requirements.

Suitable For:

8, 15 & 22 Excavators

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