Master Squeegees

With the Master Squeegee attachment, you can easily transform waterlogged surfaces into dry, safe, and productive spaces, making it an indispensable tool for maintaining optimal working conditions.

The Master Squeegee attachment, available for hire, is a versatile telehandler attachment that proves invaluable in various industrial and construction applications. Specifically designed for pushing waterlogged materials across hard surfaces, it excels at yard scraping and clearing away wet debris with efficiency and precision. Whether you need to maintain construction sites, industrial yards, or other large outdoor areas, the Master Squeegee is the ideal solution to ensure a clean and dry working environment. Its robust design and compatibility with telehandlers make it a dependable choice for tackling the challenges posed by waterlogged materials, ultimately enhancing the safety and productivity of your operations. Choose the Master Squeegee for a reliable and efficient solution in managing wet and debris-laden surfaces.

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