The Master Claws attachment is a versatile and adaptable attachment. It could also be referred to as a Thumb Grip or Grip Talon and is the perfect multifunctional tool for your jobsite.

Designed with a strong and stable grip thanks to its serrated grip edge, the Master Claw is an efficient tool perfect for re-handling a variety of materials. For example, wood, metals, demolition debris, site waste for clearance and other recycling.

Extra ram gives this Master Claw enhanced manoeuvrability on site allowing you to enjoy trouble and hassle free material handling.

If you’re looking to hire the Master Claws attachment, it could also be paired with other plant accessories including power rakes, and excavator buckets. The Master claw will reduce your need for a wide range of attachments on site, meaning you can run your site on the most cost and time efficient basis.

Suitable for:

15 & 22 Tonne Excavators

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