Hydraulic Forks Positioner

Introducing our latest Hydraulic Forks Positioner hire. It makes material handling more efficient with adjustable space from 230mm to 1330mm. Compatible with JCB and Manitou telehandlers, it ensures seamless integration, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Experience precise load positioning, streamlined operations, and optimised workflow. Contact us today for this game-changing equipment.


Hydraulic Forks Positioner attachments are essential for any material handling operation. They allow for a wider range of material handling capabilities, enabling you to transport larger, longer, and heavier loads with ease.

Hydraulic Forks Positioner – H. E. Services Telehandler Attachment
The fork positioners eliminate the manual fork shifting, increasing the operator safety.

The operator downtime is reduced thanks to the hydraulically controlled fork spacing directly from the cab.

The adjustable space goes from 230mm to 1330 mm.

Available for JCB & Manitou Telehandlers.

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