Hydraulic Crusher Bucket

The Hydraulic Crusher Bucket is designed to pick up and break down on site material with ease.

Suitable For:

8 and 14 tonne excavators.


Bucket Capacity:Dimensions:Adjustable Dimensions:Weight:
8 Tonne:0.45m³1700 x 1100 x1400mm100mm1400kg/3086lbs
14 Tonne:0.74m³2600 x 1450 x 1650mm120mm3500kg/7716lbs

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It’s primary purpose is to crush a wide variety of sized material. For example, demolition waste, concrete, brick to rock, tiles and more. Taking advantage of the hydraulic system in excavators, this bucket can handle an extensive range of materials allowing you to to easily re-use the material on site or dispose of it efficiently.

More cost effective than hiring a standalone crusher this bucket is perfect for on site crushing, offering exceptional performance in crushing material at great value.

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