Excavator Mounted Pallet Forks

At H.E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd, our excavator mounted pallet forks serve as an indispensable attachment for re-handling pallets and similar items using the strength and versatility of an excavator arm.

Suitable For:

8, 14, 22, 35 and 49 tonne excavators


8 Tonne Excavator14 – 22 Tonne Excavator36 – 49 Tonne Excavator
Maximum Lift Weight:1000kg2000kg4200kg
Maximum Carriage Width:1300mm1300mm2242mm

View our full list of excavator attachments for hire here, or get in touch with Masterhitch Europe Ltd.

These pallet forks are designed to seamlessly attach to excavators, enabling efficient handling and transportation of palletised goods, building materials, and a variety of other loads. With the ability to easily and securely pick up, move, and position pallets and similar objects, these excavator mounted pallet forks provide an extended reach and substantial lifting capacity. Whether for construction, logistics, or industrial tasks, these attachments offer optimal control and precision, streamlining the re-handling process and maximising the excavator’s utility for diverse material handling requirements.

Available to hire now from H. E. Services, or contact our sister company Masterhitch for purchasing attachments.

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