Our dung fork attachments, available for hire with telehandlers, are specially designed for efficiently handling waste paper, dung, straw, muck, and various other agricultural materials, making farm chores easier and more productive.

Our dung fork attachments, available for hire for telehandlers, are the ideal solution for agricultural and farming operations. Designed for efficient and easy handling of manure, hay, and other bulk materials, these specialised attachments simplify the often demanding and time-consuming tasks on the farm. The robust construction of our dung forks ensures they can handle heavy loads with ease while offering the precision and control necessary for accurate placement and spreading. Whether you need to manage livestock waste, move feed, or perform other agricultural chores, our dung forks make the job quicker and more efficient, ultimately improving the productivity of your farming operations. With these attachments at your disposal, you can count on a clean, well-organised, and thriving farm environment.

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