Digging Clamshell Grabs (With Teeth)

Digging Clamshell Grabs offer precision and efficiency in various applications where controlled digging and material handling are crucial. Equipped with extensions, these grabs can cater to different depths and requirements, ensuring adaptability for diverse excavation tasks. Whether for trenching, foundation work, or limited access sites, the digging clamshell grabs provide the necessary precision and control for optimal material handling, making them an invaluable addition to projects that require controlled and efficient excavation.

Suitable For: 

14, 22 and 36 Tonne Excavators.

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What is a Digging Grab?

A digging grab is a versatile excavator attachment designed to efficiently grasp, lift, and handle various materials on construction sites. Equipped with hydraulically operated hinged jaws or claws, it can firmly grip and manipulate items such as rocks, debris, timber, and other bulky materials.

Why hire a Digging Clamshell Grab?

The versatility of a digging grab makes it an essential attachment for a wide range of tasks. Whether you’re handling large volumes of material, engaging in landscaping projects, trench digging, log management, excavating gravel and sand, or even dredging waterways, this attachment proves its adaptability across diverse projects.

A standout feature of the digging grab is its ability to transform into a bucket when needed, enhancing its utility. Its design allows access to hard-to-reach areas, increasing operational efficiency. Additionally, with its 360-degree rotation capability, the digging grab offers optimal manoeuvrability, enabling operators to maximise its functionality in various work scenarios.

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