Concrete Crusher

Standard Concrete Crusher

The concrete crusher jaws enable you to crush and break up concrete slabs, walls, bricks and other materials in a controlled demolition environment.

The robust and powerful crushing jaws are designed to easily break down material, though this is the smaller version it does not lack in power. The strong fixed non-rotating head is ideal for breaking up secondary demolition & general building materials in the safest and most cost effective way.

Suitable for:

8 Tonne Excavators

Larger Concrete Crusher
The larger and more powerful version of this attachment is also available from H. E. Services. The jaws are perfect for the demolition of concrete and rebar. Designed to crush and pulverise concrete the crushing jaws are ideally suited to separating concrete and rebar, crunching up the concrete and cleaning off the rebar allowing for easy separation form the rest of the debris making disposal and recycling easy and straightforward.

Suitable for:

14 & 22 Tonne Excavators


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