6 Metre Telehandler Hire – Manitou MT625H

Looking to hire a Manitou 6 Metre Telehandler?

Make: Manitou
Model: MT625H
Weight: 4.710 KG
Height With Cab: 1.92 M
Width: 1.81 M
Length- Transport Position: 3.9 M
Max Lift Height: 5.850 M
Max Capacity: 2500 KG
Max Forward Reach: 3.4 M
Max Forward Reach With 1 Tonne Load: 2.85 M
Reach At Max Height: 1 M
High Capacity Grain Bucket: 2 M3
Sway Control: No
Length- Transport Position: 3.9 M
Road Speed: 24.9KMH
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Telehandler attachments are available to hire, or purchased directly from Masterhitch Europe Ltd.

The Manitou MT625H, a powerful 6 Metre Telehandler, is a game-changer for demanding construction and industrial projects. This remarkable machine, available for hire, offers a host of specifications that make it a standout choice for those seeking top-tier equipment. Manufactured by Manitou, the MT625H boasts a weight of 4,710 kilograms, ensuring stability and strength in various work environments.

With a height of 1.92 metres with the cab and a width of 1.81 metres, this telehandler can easily navigate through confined spaces, and its length in the transport position at 3.9 metres allows for convenient transportation to the job site. The MT625H’s main selling point is its impressive 6.85-metre maximum lift height, coupled with a substantial maximum capacity of 2,500 kilograms. This means it’s perfectly suited for tasks requiring significant height and heavy material handling. Additionally, its maximum forward reach of 3.4 metres, extending to 2.85 metres with a one tonne load, ensures unparalleled flexibility in various applications.

The Manitou MT625H also excels in its reach at maximum height, offering a metre of extension. Furthermore, it accommodates a high-capacity grain bucket with a capacity of 2 cubic metres, enhancing its utility in agricultural and industrial settings. While it lacks sway control, the Manitou MT625H more than makes up for it with its robust and reliable performance.

Whether you’re dealing with construction, agriculture, or other material-handling tasks, this telehandler is a versatile solution, and with a road speed of 24.9 kilometres per hour, it ensures swift transportation and operational efficiency. For any project demanding a 6 Metre Telehandler, the Manitou MT625H is a prime choice that combines power, reach, and versatility for enhanced productivity and performance.

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