2000 Litre Portable Bowsers

These bowsers offer a convenient and efficient way to keep your machines fuelled on-site. Please note that they are not road legal, ensuring their exclusive use for on-site refuelling.

Our 2000 litre portable bowsers are designed to meet your specific needs. With an overall height of 1260mm, they provide a compact and practical solution for your refuelling requirements. Whether you are working on construction sites, agricultural projects, or any other site that requires fuelling machinery, our portable bowsers are here to make your job easier.

Used for:

Site re-fuelling of machines, not road legal.


2000 litres (includes built in dispensing pump)

Over all Height: 1260mm

Width: 1175mm

Length: 2560mm

Experience the benefits of hiring our 2000 litre portable bowsers from H. E. Services. Stay on track with on-site refuelling, maintaining productivity and efficiency throughout your operations. Contact us now to learn more about our reliable and convenient solutions for fuelling your machines.

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