18 Metre Telehandler Hire – Manitou MT1840

Looking to hire a Manitou 18 Metre Telehandler?

Weight:11,630 KG
Height With Cab- With Flashing Light:2.693 M
Width:2.420 M
Width With Stabilisers Extended:3.793 M
Length- Transport Position:7.474 M
Max Lift Height:17.55 M
Max Capacity:4,000 KG
Capacity At Max Lift Height:2,500 KG
Max Forward Reach:13.080 M
Max Forward Reach With 1 Tonne Load11.400 M
Reach At Maximum Height:1.940 M
High Capacity Grain Bucket:2 M3

Telehandler attachments are available to hire, or purchased directly from Masterhitch Europe Ltd.

For those in need of a robust 18M Telescopic Handler, the Manitou MT1840 is the ideal choice. This telescopic handler offers impressive specifications that cater to a wide range of applications. With a towering maximum lift height of 17.55 metres and a maximum capacity of 4,000 kilograms, the Manitou MT1840 ensures that you have the strength and reach required to efficiently handle various tasks. Even at its maximum height, it can capably manage a substantial 2,500 kilograms, allowing you to reach elevated areas while carrying heavy loads.

The Manitou MT1840’s dimensions further enhance its usability, with a width of 2.420 metres and a length in the transport position of 7.474 metres, providing stability and manoeuvrability. Additionally, the inclusion of stabilisers, which extend the width to 3.793 metres, ensures a secure working platform, adding an extra layer of safety to your operations. Furthermore, its high-capacity grain bucket of 2 cubic metres makes it the perfect choice for material handling tasks. So, if you’re in search of a reliable, versatile, and high-reaching 18M Telescopic Handler, the Manitou MT1840 is the right choice for your next project. Its exceptional specifications and performance will guarantee that you get the job done efficiently and safely, even at remarkable heights.

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