Hire a Trench Roller!

At H.E.SERVICES (Plant Hire) LTD, we are always finding ways in which we can make projects easier for our customers with new and advanced equipment. The Bomag BMP-8500 articulated and radio controlled Trench Roller has now been added onto our fleet and is available for you to hire today.

But why hire a trench roller?

The Bomag BMP-8500 is a multipurpose compactor, which helps achieve outstanding results for soil compaction in trenches, sewers and on pipeline construction.

This trench roller is special in many ways, it may have some similarities to our other rollers however, with some of its unique key features, it is a machine you definitely need if you require soil compacting whether it’s a small and confined area or a large area.

Its purpose is to compress cohesive soil backfills for trenches and our Bomag BMP8500 trench roller can help you get your site projects done quickly and efficiently.

BOMAG Trench Roller- BMP-8500

Key features:

Firstly, due to its heavy-duty articulated joint, it allows the roller to move around tight and confined spaces without damaging the ground, which has already been compacted.

Secondly, with its dual compacted forces, it allows operators to maximise compaction productivity without the fear of ruining underground structures.

Thirdly, with its censored technology, it is a great safety advantage as it can detect if the operator is to close to the machine and automatically stops to prevent any accidents.

In Addition, this remote controlled, multipurpose compactor allows operators to know when total compaction has been achieved through its economizer feature. This is a very effective way to see when the job is complete.

BOMAG Trench Roller- BMP-8500

Remote Control

The Bomag trench roller is radio remote controlled which allows you to have everything safely under-control on site. Since the remote control works using interruption-proof radio waves, the roller is safer and more reliable than regular infrared machines. This allows smooth operation of several machines on one site.

If you wish to hire a trench roller today, give our national hire centre a call on 0208 804 2000 for more information.

BOMAG Trench Roller- BMP-8500