H. E. Services Snaps Up The JCB Hydradig

In the world of construction equipment, the JCB Hydradig has set a new standard for visibility, stability, mobility, manoeuvrability, serviceability, and operator comfort.

Unmatched Visibility

The Hydradig offers unparalleled visibility, with the operator having a clear view of the machine’s footprint at ground level and all four wheels visible from the seat. Stabilisers, dozer, and the trailer hitch can be viewed from the cab, eliminating the need to slew the machine. Low-level glass ensures unobstructed visibility, while optional high-powered LED work lights create daylight working conditions at night.

Enhanced Stability

Thanks to the engine and double-skinned tanks being mounted on an all-steel chassis, the Hydradig enjoys a lowered centre of gravity, which boosts operator confidence and productivity, particularly when handling materials. The 50/50 weight distribution between the axles adds to its stability.

Exceptional Mobility

The Hydradig boasts impressive mobility features, including a single-speed, hydrostatic transmission for rapid on-road travel, eliminating the need for plant transport. The optional JCB smooth ride system ensures a comfortable ride over uneven ground. Three mobility modes, “Highway,” “Site,” and “Creep,” cater to different working environments. Moreover, the machine comes with a trailer hitch sporting a 3.5-tonne towing capacity.

Unparalleled Manoeuvrability

With three standard steering modes – 4-wheel steer, 2-wheel steer, and crab steer – the Hydradig offers exceptional manoeuvrability. Its Kingpost enables parallel digging alongside walls, enhancing versatility. Reduced front swing and minimal tail swing facilitate operation in confined spaces, while +/-8 degrees of axle oscillation ensures the JCB Hydradig can tackle even the toughest terrain.

Efficient Serviceability

The Hydradig’s design allows for ground-level access to all daily checks and the fuel filler, simplifying servicing. Additionally, the machine offers a 500-hour greasing interval on all dig-end, dozer, and stabiliser grease points.

Operator Comfort

The JCB Hydradig prioritises operator comfort, with a tactile rotary controller for precise, intuitive control. It includes a standard heater and offers optional climate control. To meet site requirements, an optional seatbelt warning beacon is available. The machine operates with low noise levels, with noise and vibration directed away from the operator.

After witnessing JCB‘s astounding demonstration and launch of the Hydradigs at BAUMA in April 2016, Hugh Edeleanu, Chairman of H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd, promptly ordered 50 of these ground breaking machines. They will soon be available at all 10 of their nationwide depots.

To avoid disappointment, it’s highly recommended to book your hire today by contacting the plant hire team on: 0208 804 2000, or via our website. 

JCB hydradig


All information correct as of: 22nd May 2016.

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