H.E. SERVICES (PLANT HIRE) LTD not only stocks the UK’s largest range of excavator and telehandler attachments but also develops unique designs, invaluable to the construction and allied industries.

The new Master Squeegee is now H.E. SERVICES’ primary yard cleaning attachment. It has been designed for shifting sodden or loose materials across hard surfaces, reducing time and effort in the cleaning of hard surfaces. The giant reinforced rubber squeegee is finished to be watertight and ensures a tight seal to the floor. The quick hitch cradle offers the fast turnaround needed for such an attachment. The Master Squeegee is perfect for cleaning muddy site access routes, cleaning warehouse floors as well as shifting mud, slurry, silt, granular materials and snow in the colder seasons.

The Master Squeegee is built to fit all JCB & Manitou Telehandlers as well as JCB 3cx’s. H.E. SERVICES Managing Director, Peter Durey says, “We are always trying to develop new solutions to meet and exceed customers’ needs, this new attachment showcases H.E. SERVICES’ commitment to the future of improving the way work is done on construction sites. Master Squeegee will prove invaluable for many construction sites as well as tackling events in the UK when there is wet weather and flooding.”