H.E. SERVICES Welcomes Rotowrist (Tilt Rotator) & 6-in-1 Excavator Buckets To It’s Fleet

Always pushing the creative envelope, Hugh Edeleanu and the Masterhitch team have developed two new excavator attachments for the H.E. SERVICES 3,500 strong fleet of machines.

Rotowrist (Tilt Rotator)

A much needed accessory in todays busy construction industry, the Rotowrist allows the operator full 360° control of the bucket (or excavator attachment), Ideal for enclosed sites which are short of space. For instance, equipped with pallet forks, the machine would be capable of lifting a pallet between two enclosed buildings and placing it down 90° adjacent to the machine.  


6 - In - 1 Bucket

If you consider how much time is lost when operators change attachments, over the course of a project this could total up to 3 hours of lost time. This is the thought that went into our unique Masterhitch, and is something we apply to all our products. Our latest bucket allows the operator to achieve up to 6 functions without having to change attachments at all.

The bucket seamlessly switches between Grading, Grabbing, Loading, Dozing, Digging & Spreading, a truly unique and time saving design. 

Tilt Rotators
6-in-1 Buckets