H. E. Services Presents The JCB Hydradig at Open Day

H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd recently hosted a spectacular family fun digger event, where over 1000 customers and their families were treated to an exciting day. The star of the show was the brand new JCB Hydradig, with the event taking place on Saturday, June 25, 2016.

A Day of Festivities

Diggerland in Kent was the perfect venue for this action-packed celebration. The air was filled with live music and the delicious aroma of BBQ as families gathered to enjoy the day. Children were particularly thrilled by the rides and attractions on offer, and the day was full of activities. In addition to the new JCB Hydradig, other companies, such as EVision showcasing their Tesla driverless vehicles. Plus, Masterhitch with their innovative attachments, added to the excitement.

Operator Challenges and Thrilling Feats

H. E. Services is known for its entertaining open days, and this one was no different. The Champagne Challenge dared operators to pick up a bottle of champagne and pour a glass using only a JCB 3CX. The fastest competitors advanced to the grand final, where they had to open the bottle as well. The “Egg and Spoon” challenge required participants to use a Komatsu PC80 to pick up an egg and place it in an egg cup. With some contestants left with egg on their face! The “Digger Wars” allowed the bravest to battle it out. Attempting to tip their opponent over before the three-minute countdown expired.

Daring Stunt

The event took a thrilling turn when H.E. Services’ Chairman, Hugh Edeleanu, performed a daring stunt. Hanging from a 14-ton excavator as it swung him around, he held on with only his teeth – a feat strongly advised against trying at home.

Pam Durey, Director of Sales and Marketing, expressed gratitude to customers, suppliers, and friends. Emphasising that the event was a way to say thank you. H. E. Services’ dedication to putting the customer first was evident throughout the celebration, showcasing their commitment to their growing future.

View our YouTube video to see the open day in action. 

All information correct as of: 27th June 2016.

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